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Anchorage Alaska Neighborhood

How to Choose a Neighborhood for Your Anchorage Alaska Home Search

Municipality of Anchorage Neighborhood Web Site

Narrow your Anchorage home search by identifying neighborhoods that are right for you. This helps keep your search focused and efficient. Your Anchorage REALTOR® can offer neighborhood information to guide you in your search.

When evaluating an Anchorage neighborhood you should investigate local conditions. Depending on your own particular needs and tastes, some of the following factors may be more important considerations than others:

Neighborhood Search Strategies for Limited Budgets

If you’re a Anchorage first time-buyer with limited financial resources, it’s wise to buy an Anchroage home that meets your primary needs in the best neighborhood that fits within your price range. You can maximize your Anchorage home purchase location by incorporating some of the following strategies into your neighborhood search:

  • Upcoming neighborhoods: Look for communities in Anchorage that are likely to become “hot neighborhoods” in the coming years. They can often be discovered on the periphery of the most continuously desirable areas.
    Check for planned future development in Anchorage such as additional transit; new community services such as pools and theatres; and chain stores planning to move in.
    Look for an Anchorage home in a good neighborhood that is a bit farther out of the city. If commuting is a concern, purchase an Anchorage home that is close to public transportation.
  • Neighborhood demand: Look at the neighborhood demand by asking your Anchorage real estate agent whether multiple offers are being made, whether the gap between the list price and sale price is decreasing and whether there is active community involvement. You can also drive around neighborhoods and see how many “sale pending” and “sold” signs there are in a particular area.
  • Co-ownership: Look into purchasing an Anchorage condominium or co-op, rather than a house, in a desirable neighborhood. This way you still may be able to purchase in a prime area that you otherwise could not afford.


Neighborhood Revitalization

Anchorage Neighborhood Housing Services focuses its revitalization efforts in five target neighborhoods within the Municipality of Anchorage. Neighborhood revitalization appears in many forms, and is often a combination of bricks and mortar projects, loan assistance, and resident leadership development in order to build stronger and sustainable communities.

Spenard | Mountain View | Fairview
Government Hill | Muldoon

In 1980, Anchorage Neighborhood Housing Services was formed by a group of concerned citizens in Spenard who took collective action to improve their community by forming the organization. ANHS’s first efforts were to help the Spenard community reverse neighborhood decline by increasing safe, affordable housing, by improving access to attractive places to work, shop, and do business, and by making roadways safer and more welcoming.Past and current work in Spenard:

  • Spenard road improvements, including lighting, landscaping, and traffic calmers
  • Low interest commercial loans for business upgrades
  • Exterior home improvements through the “Paint the Town” program
  • Down payment assistance loans for homebuyers
  • Own and operate 16 units of condo-style affordable housing
  • Own and operate 111 units of midtown apartments


Mountain View
ANHS has played a major role in the Mountain View Arts and Cultural District plan and has helped facilitate several community arts projects in the neighborhood.Past and current work in Mountain View:

  • Low interest home rehabilitation loans
  • Weatherization Rehabilitation Asset Preservation (WRAP) program
  • Weed and Seed committee member
  • Mountain View Main Street member
  • Resident leadership development series and community organizing
  • Landlord training for multi-unit buildings
  • Housing Opportunity Fair
  • World Changers volunteers
  • American Jewish Society for Service volunteers
  • Down payment assistance loans for homebuyers
  • Own and operate 8 units of affordable family living units in a traditional neighborhood


In addition to working closely with the community council on creating the neighborhood plan, ANHS has conducted many projects and programs in Fairview.Past and current work in Fairview:

  • World Changers volunteers
  • Neighborhood beautification projects – national NeighborWorks Week event
  • Low interest home rehabilitation loans
  • Own and operate 84 units of affordable housing conveniently located downtown next to a community park


Government Hill
As one of our five target neighborhoods, Government Hill has benefited from the presence of ANHS in many ways.Past and current work in Government Hill:

  • Low interest home rehabilitation loans
  • Down payment assistance loans for homebuyers
  • Own and operate 268 affordable, spacious units overlooking downtown, many with mountain views; gardening opportunities available


As one of our five target neighborhoods, Muldoon has benefited from the presence of ANHS in many ways.Past and current work in Muldoon:

  • Low interest home rehabilitation loans
  • Down payment assistance loans for home buyers
  • Homebuyers Fair
  • Purchased HUD property, rehabbed, and sold to low to moderate income family
  • NeighborWorks Week and One Block at a Time initiative
  • World Changers volunteers
Anchorage Affordable Rental Housing Opportunities

“Quality, Affordable Housing and Resident Programs for Alaskan Families”

  • Conveniently located throughout Anchorage
  • Peaceful, park-like settings
  • Resident services
  • Computer learning centers at selected properties
  • Section 8 vouchers gladly accepted
  • We participate in the Elmendorf Rental Partnership Program

1. The Adelaide
2. Boniface Plaza
3. Garden Villa
4. Hampstead Heath
5. Loussac Sogn
6. The Mallary
7. Merrill Crossing
8. Panoramic View
9. Spruce View
10. Stephens Park
<!–11. Turnagain Circle–>
Resident Focus and Community Building

Creating a sense of community begins with resident initiative and participation. As a major provider of affordable rental housing in Anchorage, ANHS recognizes the importance of resident councils, youth programs, education opportunities and other services in our multifamily properties. As one of only fifteen NeighborWorks® America organizations involved in the Community Building and Organizing Membership Program, ANHS offers itself as an instrument of change, providing support to and empowering community residents in achieving their goals. This grassroots level of community building is vitally important to our overall revitalization efforts. When the residents living in our target neighborhoods and multifamily properties are invested in their neighborhood, it is a solid step to ensuring that sustainable change occurs.Resident Focus at our Multifamily Properties

Resident Councils
Youth Programs
Adult Education
Events and Activities

Community Building in Targeted Neighborhoods

Block Projects
Neighborhood Leadership Circles
Landlord Resource Workshop

Resident Councils
ANHS resident councils serve as a means for residents to become involved in leadership development. Resident council members learn how to conduct effective meetings and how to develop community organizing skills, as well as community organizing techniques. Councils usually meet monthly to discuss property issues, resident programs and services. Resident councils plan social activities and events to encourage resident involvement and to promote relationship and community building efforts.


Youth Programs
In partnership with the Municipality of Anchorage Parks and Recreation Youth Services Department, ANHS provides youth programs for the residents. The E.D.G.E. (Educating and Developing Goals for Excellence) after-school program allows children ages 6-12 years old the opportunity to learn, play, create and socialize. It gives the children a secure and comfortable place to go after school. The E.D.G.E. offers homework tutoring, arts and crafts, cooking classes, field trips and computer labs. It also gives children the opportunity to meet new friends and develop character building skills. After-school programs are offered at Spruce View, Hampstead Heath and Stephen’s Park during the school year.The Learning for Life program is taught at Stephen’s Park and Spruce View. This educational program is co-ed and is designed to teach youth good decision making skills and character building. Learning for Life is a subsidiary of the Boy Scouts of America.

During the summer months Sports Recreation Programs are offered at Spruce View, Hampstead Heath, Stephen’s Park and the Mallary. The programs include gardening, hiking, outdoor education, arts and crafts, field trips, and overnight camp-outs.

A new initiative is underway for an ANHS Youth Academy to serve teens ages 13-17. The academy will promote leadership development, social and cultural programs and pre-employment skills. The Annual ANHS Basketball Tournament and the Boy Scouts Venturing Program are components of the Academy.


Adult Education
Adult educational programs, classes, and workshops offered at various ANHS properties include:

English as a Second Language
Computer Technology/Lab
Money Matters
Home Buyers
Health Education
Career Development


Events and Activities
By participating in events and activities, ANHS residents become engaged in community building efforts. Some of the events and activities residents enjoy include:

Annual Garage Sales
Annual Spring Clean-ups
Annual BBQs, Picnics, and Cookouts
Community Potlucks
Safety Fairs
Annual Basket Ball Tournament


Block Projects
One method we are using to address the need for resident leadership development is through supporting projects on a street block level, or “block projects.” ANHS has strategically selected neighborhood blocks in the Mountain View neighborhood for the implementation of block projects. The resident “block captain” who volunteers for their street’s block project works with their neighbors to identify a project and develop an action plan to achieve their goal. Each block project includes some sort of positive improvement on the street and a celebration of this accomplishment that brings the neighbors together. These projects not only improve the area “one block at a time,” but also start to repair the social fabric of the neighborhood by improving communication among residents and promoting teamwork, thus creating a stronger sense of community cohesion.


Neighborhood Leadership Circles
ANHS conducts Neighborhood Leadership Circles, a resident leadership development series of workshops that encourages civic engagement and action.Topics in this series include Conflict Resolution, Diversity Awareness, Public Speaking Skills, Decision Making, and Teamwork. All sessions stress the importance of community involvement and effective communication. Sessions are held in community centers and schools in Mountain View and Fairview, and in shared common rooms of specific properties. Each session includes local guest speakers, hands-on activities, icebreakers, and group discussions. Expected outcomes of this series include community building, leadership development, and training of trainers. After each session, participants are encouraged to conduct a neighborhood block project, or participate more in their neighborhood, as they become better equipped to take effective action within their community and engage others along the way.


Landlord Resource Workshop
ANHS conducts a comprehensive Landlord Resource Workshop at various community centers in our targeted neighborhoods. The three-hour workshop consists of short presentations on topics such as effective tenant screening, municipal codes and land use issues, identifying criminal behavior, Section 8 vouchers, proper eviction process, and home and building safety issues. The workshop is intended for landlords who own multiple units in the specific neighborhood and will serve as an informational and networking opportunity. The expected outcomes of the Landlord Resource Workshop include betterment of the community by holding landlords accountable for their properties and the wellbeing of their tenants, less incidence of crime in the area due to improved tenant screening, and physical improvements as necessary repairs are made to properties. This will, in turn, lead to overall improvement of neighborhood image and community pride.