The Logan Team

My First Anchorage Alaska Home

Whether you have lived in Anchorage your entire life or you are relocating from outside.  We want to give you the Anchorage real estate information you need to make solid decisions.  We want to be your trusted, committed and reliable resource for Anchorage real estate, so you have a positive real estate experience.

Important Items to Understand

  • First I will fully respect your privacy.
  • My Anchorage real estate services are always FREE to you when purchasing a home, so please ask questions.
  • I plan on being in the Anchorage & Eagle River real estate markets for some time, so I won’t sell you just any real estate.  I will research and provide you the best information to make the best long term decision.  I’m not hungry for business, so if it doesn’t make sense to buy I will tell you to walk away and find something else.   I don’t want a future headache when selling what you are buying now.
  • Learn & understand who is representing you as a buyer’s agent.
  • The best way to learn the Anchorage real estate market is sign up for LISTING ALERTS; this is a long term purchase.


Initial Meeting
Learn all you can before jumping into anything.  This idea may be something that is long-term, but at least learn the ropes before being caught up in them.  You deserve the best in service and professionalism in your Anchorage real estate associate. The initial meeting is an indication the Buyer or Seller is ready to commit to a professional experience.

If you had a choice to take a taxi cab or a limousine and the fares where the same…which would you choose? The road is the same. The way you get there can be different.

Important Questions When Interviewing an Anchorage Real Estate Professional

The State of Alaska requires a Sales Associate to explain licensee duties – Click Here

Our Commitment to You

  • To work with Anchorage home buyer to determine your desires, needs and qualifications
  • Show you Anchorage Alaska homes in the Alaska Real Estate MLS which meet your needs
  • Create a marketing campaign to locate your ideal home if one hasn’t been listed for sale
  • Complete a Market Analysis before writiting an offer to purchase
  • Negotiate the Purchase Agreement for your new home on your behalf

What We Ask of You

  • To be as dedicated working with us as we are working for you
  • Work with recommended service providers so you have an excellent experience
  • Be available to tour homes that match your criteria
  • Be open in letting us know how you would like to communicate
  • Inform us of any changes in your circumstances