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31 Crockpot Meals for the Winter

Winter is here! The cold temperatures make coming home to a hot meal extra nice! Crock pot meals are a great way to save time, energy, and money without missing out on any of the flavor goodness.

We recently came across a New Leaf Wellness blog that included a grocery list and recipes for prepping 31 crock pot meals. Click here to access the recipes. Lonnie decided to give it a try and has shared some tips and tricks below:

Grocery Shopping – Shop at the big box stores like Costco or Sam’s Club. Bring your grocery list and it’ll be an easy one stop shop!

Use Your Pantry and Freezer Space – If you have the space, instead of adding canned and frozen ingredients during the prep work, store those in your pantry or freezer and add them the day of!

crockpotStoring the Meals – Put each ingredient in a smaller Ziploc bag and put all ingredients for the recipe into a large freezer Ziploc. Put the recipe page in with the large Ziploc and pop in freezer. This is an easy way to keep track of the recipe and know which bag is which meal.

Recipe add-ons or notes for meals tried so far:

Recipe #1 – Chicken Curry – Make sure you cut chicken breasts into bite size pieces! Way better if served with rice.

Recipe #2 – Honey Dijon Chicken – Boring meal. Needs a colorful veggie to make it more exciting. I would add vegetable an hour before done in crock pot.

Recipe #3 – Cranberry Pork Roast – Double the cranberry sauce, honey, and minced onion.

Recipe #5 –  Turkey Black Bean Chili – Tasty! I prepped the spices ahead of time and added the turkey, tomato sauce, black beans, tomatoes, and corn the day of.

Recipe #12 – Beef and Barley Stew – Made in the dutch oven instead of the crockpot. Had cooked potatoes the night before, added to dutch oven once roast was done to heat up.

Recipe #13 – Beef Roast and Carrots – I recommend adding potatoes the day of cooking.

Recipes #14 and #15 – Mushroom Spinach Stroganoff and Greens & Beans – Great vegetarian meal options!

Recipe #19 – Turkey, White Bean, and Kale Soup – Needs a kick of something! I added Tabasco sauce and jalapenos, my daughter Ashley added Sriracha sauce, and Joe added everything to spice it up a notch. Add extra garlic on garlic bread to serve with the soup.

Recipe #23 – Sweet and Sour Meatballs – Add extra brown sugar. DO NOT OVERCOOK!

Try it out for yourself and let us know what tips and tricks you discover as you cook! Wishing you a warm and safe winter ahead!

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