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3 Things to Know About Buying Anchorage Alaska New Construction

3 Things to Know About When Buying Anchorage Alaska New Construction

Anchorage Alaska area builders of new construction are a big part of our economic inventory. As Spring starts to poke it’s head up, holes start going in the ground. Anchorage Alaska New construction costs are up because of the dwindling availability of build able lots and the high cost of materialsMunicipality of Anchorage tracks the number of new construction permits issued and compares them to previous years. Overall the number of permits for Anchorage new construction has dropped over the past decade.

Anchorage Alaska new construction provides a great learning opportunity for buyers. Even though the process is similar to buying an existing home, there are some things to consider prior to making the jump. New homes in Anchorage are sold at a premium, but are also built with higher quality products to improve utility costs and overall longevity of the home. They almost always come with a builder warranty and most have a one year touchup option for sheetrock cracks and other common things that might appear.

In Anchorage Alaska here are some of the most critical things to consider when buying new construction.

1. The Anchorage Alaska Builder has a Sales Associate and Lender…Do You?

Anchorage Alaska new construction builders can provide lender discounts if you go through a preferred mortgage company. This is a very good benefit to take advantage of.  It provides you discounted fees while still being  represented. Anchorage Alaska new construction Builders do this to help streamline the process of purchasing.

Anchorage Alaska new construction works much like an open house. The Anchorage Alaska REALTOR inside the model home likely represents the owner/builder. The Sales Associate is likely licensed through the State of Alaska and their job is to provide you detailed information about the development. Depending on their capacity the Anchorage Alaska Sales Associate can assist buyers in one the following ways…State of Alaska Consumer Pamphlet

  • Specific Assistance – The licensee does not represent you. Rather the licensee is simply responding to your request for information. And, the licensee may “represent” another party in the transaction while providing you with specific assistance.
  • Representation – The licensee represents only one consumer unless otherwise agreed to in writing by all consumers in a transaction.
  • Neutral Licensee –  A neutral licensee is a licensee that provides specific assistance to both consumers in a real estate transaction but does not “represent” either consumer.


2. Anchorage New Construction Window Treatments, Fencing, Landscaping and some Appliances

Anchorage Alaska new construction is like going to the grocery story when hungry. You can go crazy with upgrades if you are not careful.  Although you might think upgrades might be great for resale, they can also be for your own personal enjoyment and help resale…but not add value. If you over purchase or valued your upgrades, when it comes to sell, you might pay money out of pocket when you are closing.

Landscaping for Anchorage Alaska new construction is often a buyers cost to do after closing. The cost can vary based on the material and who does the work. In some subdivisions you are required to have a certain number of trees and type of ground cover. Not everyone likes the stone front yard option.

Window Treatments for Anchorage Alaska new construction is usually another buyer cost. Depending on the window, door or skylight and location, each will have an impact on the budget. With Anchorage Alaska, the setting sun can make a big impact the comforts of the home. If the windows are high and need blinds…are they going to be open all the time or will there be an electronic option for the blind.

Fencing your Anchorage Alaska new construction is one of the lesser necessities for a property, again it is a budget item the buyer will need to consider. There may be requirements for some Anchorage Alaska Homeowners Associations on the design, type of material and height of the fence. Just know in the end this is a higher cost than most Anchorage Alaska home buyers anticipate.

In a perfect world you could negotiate the previous mentioned items into your purchase of Anchorage Alaska new construction. This will be something to check on with your Anchorage Alaska lender and Buyer Representative prior to starting negotiations.

3. Should I Have a Home Inspection on Anchorage Alaska New Construction?

Anchorage Alaska new construction builders are very thorough and go through an extensive inspection process with the Municipality of Anchorage. The Municipality of Anchorage Economic and Community Development Division issues and inspects the permits for Anchorage Alaska new construction. The MOA permits and inspects plumbing, electrical, structural, heating and many other stages of the Anchorage Alaska new construction process.

Anchorage Alaska new construction is more thoroughly inspected than any other home. There a still some life, health and safety items found. Not as many, but there are usually some things that need to be addressed. Builders in Anchorage Alaska are professional and provide a great quality product. Rarely will a builder last in Anchorage Alaska that provides an inferior product. Anchorage Home Builders Association is a nonprofit group that helps establish building guidelines, promote safety and affordable housing for the public.

While the Anchorage Alaska builder will generally do a “final walk through” with you just before closing to teach you about many of your new home’s functions.  It is a good idea to have a professional home inspector do a thorough inspection of the home with you to teach you how to maintain your most valuable asset.

When searching for Anchorage Alaska new construction, know going in the new construction process is long, demanding of your time and overwhelming in the number of choices you will experience.



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