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Are You in Favor of 3D Interactive Marketing for Anchorage Real Estate?

The technology for 3D presentations of Anchorage Alaska real estate is starting to hit full speed. 3D and Dollhouse views of an Anchorage Alaska property shows everything you would need to know about the layout. It doesn’t have photo enhancement abilities to hide the imperfections of a home, though it could happen as the technology advances.  The 3D experience is just like walking through the Anchorage Alaska home or condominium, while the Dollhouse view really gives you a better “room” perspective than real life. Advance features even provide measurement of rooms and floor plans.

There are some Anchorage REALTORs and real estate professionals that feel this type of marketing is unnecessary, expensive and reduces the number of prospects walking through the property. As far as unnecessary this is the way of what Anchorage Alaska real estate will be in the future. There’s even Virtual Reality Goggles available right now. The expense of the 3D technology is high based on the price of the equipment, presentation benefits,  and lastly the time to shoot and produce. It roughly is about an additional $200-$300 above that of professional photos. The biggest marketing opinion against the 3D technology in Anchorage Alaska real estate is reducing the number of showing for a property…because the technology is so life like, the property may not make the cut by Anchorage Alaska home or condominium buyers.

Let me know if you are in favor of this technology or not. I do believe the number of showings will drop based on the amount of information the 3D marketing provides. This is okay with most of the Anchorage Alaska home and condominium owners I talk to about the Pros and Cons of the technology. The cost is expensive, but in the end this is a life like experience and saves everyone time.

Contact us if you would like a free market analysis for your Anchorage Alaska home or condominium.  The cost for the 3D tour is free to our clients and customers that use our services.

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