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How Much Are Window Treatments for My Anchorage Alaska Home?

Privacy From Neighbors and the Midnight Sun

Here is a budgeting item most buyers do not think about when buying Anchorage new construction or resale property. Window treatments are often overlooked to be an item of lower cost value, but necessary if you want neighborhood privacy on a dark Alaskan night. Blinds also make it much easier to sleep, by blocking the midnight sun.

According to a blog put out by the National Association of REALTORS®

According to HomeAdvisor(link is external), says the average homeowner
between $93 and $403, per window, for blinds, curtains,
etc. (including installation). Regardless of how simple or complex your window
treatments will be, doing the installation yourself can save you thousands of dollars!

Nationwide, the average cost is $231 per window, for basic privacy and style.
This figure rises dramatically with the addition of high-end fabrics, decorator
hardware and fancier designs.

It is not tough to do the math and determine that is a big budget item for any Anchorage home, condominium or investment property.

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