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Lovin’ Life: Decluttering Your Home Week 1 Update

Week 1 -Dining Room
Day 1 was supposed to be about decluttering. However, there wasn’t really anything in the dining room to declutter. So, I choose to paint the wall we have talked about removing but probably won’t get around to it for another year. Check out this quick video for pouring paint with no mess.

Day 2 was the day of deep cleaning. Only fun thing about that was the end result. Something to consider is where does a room start and stop when you have an open floor plan? And do you wash the exterior of the windows if you are doing the interior? Here is what I decided, with the simplest of decisions first. When it’s 8 degrees outside the exterior windows can wait until Spring.
The open floor plan took a little more thought and what I came up with is the dining room and breakfast bar could be done together since we eat in both spaces. They are now clean from top to bottom. Furniture wiped down and polished, even vacuumed out the heating ducts!!
Day 3 simplify and Day 4 organize were pretty much covered during decluttering. As was Day 7 -lose what’s not used. So, days 3 and 4 I took time to revisit some of decorating items and curtains we have stored to see if anything could work or be repurposed for the dining room. However, decided nothing really was the look I am going for. I think I’m going to hold out for a signature piece for the wall such as an oversized mirror.
For the lighting task on Day 5 I’m going to add a few candles to the table. Since the puppies are staying with us I’m going to skip setting the table on Day 6.

New painted wall, clean dining room, and fun centerpiece!

Week one has been pretty easy to accomplish and I am thankful that it went so quickly. Next week I’m going to tackle the kitchen and pantry. This one will be an organizational challenge for sure and I know I’m going to struggle with what to donate.
Let me know what room you are going to start on next and what you think might be the biggest challenge.



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