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Lovin’ Life: Decluttering Your Home Week 2 Update

The kitchen is finished! Here were my thoughts throughout the week as I cleaned and organized the kitchen:

I’m already feeling a bit behind and overwhelmed at the thought of tackling the kitchen. The 7 day plan for the kitchen starts out with make a plan. I have spent 2 days thinking of a plan and have scrapped that.  So, now I’m just going to jump in today with the task as they are outlined.  So fridge, freezer and other appliances here I come…

Clean from top to bottom!

Clean from top to bottom!

Day 1. The appliances are clean from top to bottom, in and out. However, I didn’t pull the oven out or the fridge. Will wait on that until I have a little help. I don’t think the self cleaning oven did a very good job so I will be revisiting that again. If anybody knows of any special tricks, please pass them along.

Utensil holder

Fun, affordable pop of color with a utensil holder!



Day 2.  Spending this day organizing was much needed.  I used the philosophy that if I won’t be using dishes then I should donate them so somebody who would like them could have them. I don’t think my Nana would have objected to that.  Things that we use seasonally are now relocated out of the way and things used daily are now in a practical location. I cleared space in some of the drawers by ridding them of utensils I never used or were duplicated and added some color to the counter with a utensil container.

IMG_2545Days 3 – 6. I finished on a day off. With the amount of snow we have received it was nice to be inside finishing things in the kitchen.
This picture shows the amount of snow we’ve received, which is my excuse for not getting the garbage and recycle bins washed out. That goes for the exterior window over the sink too. These will be added to the list of to dos this Spring.

Living room is what I have planned for week 3. It will require another wall to be painted and if I get really ambitious maybe some new tile around the fireplace.  What’s next on your agenda?  I’m curious to know if the detailed list are helping or not



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