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Lovin’ Life: Decluttering Your Home Week 5

As predicted week 5 merged into week 6.  Going through office files, old invoices, boxes of photos and albums bogged down the process.  Although, I have to admit, I enjoyed going through all the old photos of family and the kids.  So, I have dealt with paper and clutter (day 1).  Made room by organizing hobby and crafts that were stored in the closet and put things laying around the room in their proper place (day 2 and 3).

Today I’ll be freshening up the area by cleaning all surfaces.  The final day will be about the finishing touches for decor and posting an after photo to share.  I’ll also include what is in store for the next room I tackle and the daily action items.

Happy organizing!

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Week 5, I’m tackling the office! Here are this week’s daily tasks:

Day 1: Deal with paper.

  • Sort and stack.
  • Make quick temporary labels for your category piles with a marker on plain paper.
  • Set aside anything that doe not belong in your home office.

Day 2: Make some space.

  • Pull every (non paper) item out of your desk and office storage and sort it into piles.
  • Dip into your files and see if there are papers you can safely get rid of.
  • If you want to move toward a paperless home office, go online today and set up paperless statements and billing.

Day 3: Get organized.

  • A grid of clipboards on the wall can make for a handy place to keep papers organized.
  • Wall-mounted cups keep frequently used supplies neat and within reach.
  • Cups and bowls borrowed from the kitchen make great desktop and drawer organizers.
  • Labeled, open-top baskets on shelves are great for people who like piles.
  • Traditional files are still useful for important documents.

Day 4: Freshen up.

  • Vacuum your home office from top to bottom.
  • Wipe down shelves and surfaces with a damp microfiber cloth.
  • Use monitor wipes to clean your screens.
  • Use a keyboard cleaner to blow dust from between the keys or gently clean them with cotton swabs.
  • Bring in some fresh plants to help clean the air.

Day 5: Consider comfort.

  • If you use your workspace often, it’s important to have an adjustable chair with proper support, good lighting, and perhaps a small stool to put your feet up on.

Day 6: Add a personal touch.

  • Bring in family photos that make your smile or treasures from your travels.
  • Drape a beautiful textile over your chair.
  • Store your office supplies in pretty fabric baskets and china teacups.

Day 7 and beyond: Do daily maintenance.

  • Aim to handle paper as soon as you get it, rather than letting it pile up.
  • Schedule a weekly time to empty your inbox.

For the full list of decluttering and cleaning tasks this week, click here.

Curious about my inspiration for other projects around the house? Visit my ideabook on below.


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